unique knowledge and expertise
Unique knowledge
and expertise

At Homble Energy, we create efficient engineering and project solutions in the Gulf of Guinea. We serve this region by providing the knowledge and expertise you need to ensure your project is a success.

Our services cover the following areas: Engineering, Procurement, Project Management and Construction Services.

With our team of highly experienced specialists, we handle various projects from retrofitting and de-bottlenecking to

designing new facilities. Our engineers develop solutions and outstanding value that exceed our client's requirements, deliver outstanding value, and comply with industry best practices and standards.

Homble Energy has a track record of prompt project delivery in the Gulf of Guinea. Our reputation for excellence is the product of our highly experienced, and competent engineers and specialists.

commitment to quality
to Quality

Homble Energy received the ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems Certificate from SGS. This certificate proves that our quality management system has been assessed against the best practice standards and was found compliant. This certificate further underlines our commitment to client satisfaction and service delivery.

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